August 09, 2023
Nicolas Dufetel
Between Music and Nature, unsuspected links...
By expressing the "Four Seasons" through music, Vivaldi embodies the way musicians can sing, evoke and imitate nature. But he is far from being the only composer to be interested in nature. Many others, such as Purcell, Beethoven, Liszt, Wagner, Respighi, etc. have succeeded in painting with music the fauna, the flora and even climate hazards.
This year, Nicolas Dufetel invites you to follow this path between music and philosophy, between "sound painting" and environment.
All August evenings will be presented by Nicolas Dufetel.
PMR : Reservations by telephone required

Château de la Moutte
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Nicolas Dufetel
Nicolas Dufetel is a musicologist, researcher at the CNRS and deputy director of IReMus (Institut de recherche en musicologie) in Paris. He wrote his doctoral thesis on Franz Liszt, and has been a guest researcher at the Bibliothèque nationale de France. He was a fellow at the Houghton Library (Harvard University) and a postdoctoral fellow of the Humboldt Foundation in Weimar. His research concerns the 19th century, especially Liszt, aesthetics, epistemology, European culture, and the history of music in the Ottoman empire.
He regularly works together with festivals and music institutions (Vézelay, Lisztomanias, Philharmonie de Paris, du Luxembourg, etc.) and published several books on Liszt, Wagner, and religious music, and recently "Le Château de la Moutte : Un joyau romantique à Saint-Tropez".
He is also vice-mayor for culture in Angers.